is a new and exciting way of member Bail Bond Agents meeting online for the purpose of buying and selling bail bonds nationwide 24 hours a day seven days a week. is an Internet-based auction site designed by Bail Bond Agents where Member Bail Bond Agents gather online to buy and sell bonds.

So? What's the Big Deal?

The Bail Bond business has always been a ‘reactive’ one. A typical Bond Agent waits for a bail request to walk into the office, internet or will work through referral. In many cases 20% or more of these opportunities are not bonds you want to write or cannot write. Many of these Bail Bond opportunities walk out your door without you receiving a commission. This will not happen anymore! offers its Member Agents the ability to receive payment on EVERY bail that you encounter.

Immigration? Federal? State? And Transfer Bonds? For EVERY bail there is someone that is willing to write it.

Having limited contacts and working within the time frame necessary to secure the release of the defendant, the odds are you will miss making money on every bail bond opportunity that you encounter. Some bail opportunities will walk out the door and are written by another Bail Bond Company. places your bail request in front of Bail Bond Agents nationwide where their insurance underwriters and philosophy of business may be different then yours. Someone out there is ready TODAY to write the bond that you are not willing to write.

Ever have periods of inactivity in your office? Not anymore! As a member, you are able to easily go online, bid on bonds nationwide 24/7. Many of these bonds are yours for the writing.

It is easy to use and we can get you started in minutes. Registration is FREE and you are able to begin bidding and submitting bail for bid immediately. Now you are able to make money on every bail you encounter and that is the BIG DEAL!!